AKA reveals Reebok never paid him a cent for the sneAKA, his custom-made Reebok sneakers

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AKA has told his 4.4 million Twitter followers that Reebok never paid him anything for the sneAKA, his own Reebok sneakers that were released in October 2019 and were sold out in 10 minutes.

A fan posted a picture saying “Those air forces are fire but the SNEAKA is special because it represents one of our own. And it’s more comfortable than any pair of air forces that I own.”

AKA then replied by saying “Can you believe they didn’t pay me a single cent for this? … not one cent.”

He further revealed that he never had a contract with Reebok for the SneAKA, he only had a contract with them as an ambassador, that expired in December 2019.

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Sibahle Zondo

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