Find love with the #UmjoloWithAzola tag

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If you are a regular in the Twitter streets, you would have probably come across the Hashtag #UmjoloWithAzola. You might have even used it to find love, or seen some people use it to find love. If not, worry not, we will unpack it for you. Sit back and relax 🙂

Who is Azola?

Azola Mlota hails from Elliot, a small town in the Eastern Cape. He is a God fearing, PR specialist in events, and owns his own PR and Promotions company.

In 2014, Azola enrolled at Central University of Technology in the Free State to study Communications. This was when he was given a chance to showcase his PR and communication skills to a few event companies in the Free State.

He also fell deep for Social Media that he started working with local and provincial brands in social media promotions.

Azola’s work has been identified on many South African local and national media platforms, print, radio, TV and so forth. He is now based at the Gauteng Province.

The #UmjoloWithAzola hashtag

The hashtag started in September 2018 when Thabo, a social media friend of Azola, encouraged Azola to “hook people up” and use a hashtag to see how responsive people are on topics Azola tends to post on a daily basis.

In Azola’s words: “I really liked the idea to start this tag in a mission to help people through twitter.” Azola says a lot of people used to DM him to hook them up, so he knew the tag would bring the nation together through Twitter, instead of going to dating sites.

Many people tend to ask what influencers do? So at the end of the day I want to be seen as an influence in the field of love, promotions on Twitter [sic].

– Azola Mlota

According to Azola, the hashtag has helped over 30 people in finding love, with others even engaged. How cute 🙂 .

Its amazing to now and then see positive results of people who participated on the tag

– Azola Mlota

Azola would love to see the hashtag grow bigger and bigger that it expands to other social media platforms, through God willing.

Azola has a message for those of you who do not know or are not aware of the hashtag: ” YOU ARE MISSING OUT, its fun, you are missing out on your potential soulmates”

People who are looking for genuine love should participate, it gets busy and fun in the DMs.

People should check out #Umjolowithazola every Sunday from Morning till late.

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