#RIPNdlovu: South Africa mourns the passing of Ndlovu waseBhayi

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It is a sad morning in South Africa as we woke up to the news of the passing of Ndlovu, also known as Ndlovu WaseBhayi / Ndlovu Wayigeqeza.

Ndlovu was a young boy from Veeplaas township in Port Elizabeth who had a medical condition that made his head shake.

Ndlovu came into the spotlight a couple of years ago with a video of him reciting his clan names and he was an instant hit.

He also branched into the music industry, releasing his debut album “Pokolina” in 2018 which had the hit song “Kubo”.

Social media has been sending messages under the #RIPNdlovu hashtag.

Below are some of the messages:

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Sibahle Zondo

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