UJ says news of Phindile hacking their system are FALSE

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Twitter users have been sharing a story of how a University of Johannesburg (UJ) student hacked the University’s system and changed her marks and 200 other students.

The story claims that Phindile hacked the system because her bursary ditched her and her parents cannot afford to pay for her and her young brother.

UJ was quick to send out a Tweet warning people not to believe the “misinformation disguised as legitimate news”.

#UJ has noted a report peddling misinformation disguised as legitimate news. The report, which was published on a news satire/parody site, is FALSE! Sadly, many readers have been misled to believe that it is real news. It is FAKE news! #phindile

University of Johannesburg

Of course Twitter users did not want to hear that and are calling Phindile a hero for what she allegedly did.

What do you think? Do you think Phindile really did it and UJ is just embarrassed? Tell us below.

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