WATCH: Kairo, DJ Zinhle’s daughter says DJs don’t bath

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We all love and enjoy watching DJ Zinhle playing with her little one, Kairo. It was no surprise when Dj Zinhle posted on Twitter a video of Kairo refusing to go bath. Zinhle can be heard saying in Zulu “Hamb’ogeza“, meaning “Go bath” in English. Kairo, who has DJ headphones on, replies by saying “But DJs don’t bath… they don’t bath… they don’t bath, mommy”, which was followed by laughter in the room.

Twitter user have been left asking as how Kairo came to such conclusion. Is it something she has witnessed at home, since she lives with a DJ?

You can check the video below with some of the hilarious comments that followed.

Some twitter user have shared hilarious replies.

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Mzwakhe Ndlovu

Mzwakhe is a MzansiNewsLive Journalist located in Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.