Families are now re-digging ‘Covid-19 graves’: Government speaks against this new “trend”

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Eastern Cape Premier, Oscar Mabuyane, has spoken against the act of re-digging of the graves of those who died from Covid-19, saying families that do this should be reported to the officials.

It has been said on Social Media that there are families in the Eastern Cape that are re-digging the graves because their family members are visiting them in their dreams, complaining about being suffocated by the plastic that is used to cover the body of someone who died from Covid-19.

One on Twitter wrote: “If one of my parents would die, I would rather buy PPE, then when they lower the coffin, I would remain and remove the plastic then go quarantine myself, because I can’t bury my parent like that.”

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Mabuyane says this is not acceptable. “Let me speak against this new trend of people re-digging graves of people who have been buried, saying they want to re-bury them. This is illegal and it will spread viruses. People should report those who are doing this unlawful act to their local leaders and the police.”

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