Teacher killed by cow in Qumbu, Eastern Cape

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Zininzi Mthethandaba was attacked by a cow in Qengane village, Mdeni in Qumbu, Eastern Cape. She later died in Nelson Mandela Academic hospital in Mthatha.

The family of the deceased say Zininzi, who was a teacher at Ncoti Primary school, was seen crying while being attacked by this cow. The cow’s attack was mainly focused on the legs to the point where the skin was peeled and you could see the bone.

The teacher was first sent to Dr Malizo Mpehle before she was transferred to Nelson Mandela Academic hospital in Mthatha, where she later died, in excruciating pain.

The family spokesperson, Khanya Litha Ludidi says Zininzi was buried on Saturday. Ludidi says they are still shocked by the incident.

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“She was seen by someone from our village crying while the cow had blood in its mouth. She was crying for help. The villager found her bleeding, she tried to hit the cow with a stick. The cow then attacked the villager and she was forced to run for cover and had to throw stones at the cow that was charging towards her.

“The cow that did this is a female traditional (Xhosa) cow and it had just given birth to a calf. From our knowledge, this cow had never attacked anyone,” said Ludidi.

Ludidi said the owner of the cow is also a teacher who is based in Cape Town. “He is someone I know, and he did show remorse over this.”

Ludidi says the matter was given to the owner of the cow and the Department of Agriculture.

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Translated from IsiXhosa: Source Isolezwe.

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