Naak MusiQ’s Twitter Account Is Hacked

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Anga Makhubalo also known as Naak MusiQ has been going through the most after his Twitter account was hacked by a Turkish man.

The man did not hesitate to flood Makhubalo’s 560 thousands followers with pictures of himself, and even changed the Display name to MEDYUM MUSTAFA KILIÇ.

There’s now been dozens of account claiming that they are Naak MusiQ’s new Twitter accounts and asking people to follow them and “warning” people about scams.

Hopefully Anga will be able to reclaim his account and this time at least activate Two-Factor-Authentication.

UPDATE: The same guy also managed to gain access to Nkanyezi Kubheka’s account, where he is also posting his pictures to the 730 thousand followers.

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Sibahle Zondo

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