Savanna Cider Producers condemns the practice of people carrying it on their heads

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Producers of alcoholic beverages, Savanna have condemned the widespread practice in the entertainment industry and on social media during the December holidays last year.

Pictures of Savanna lovers drinking were flooded on social media. When President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the ban on alcohol, there were people on social media who accused Savanna drinkers of being the main reason for the ban, saying Savanna lovers are ungovernable.

Commenting on the matter, the Savanna Ciders said they were distancing themselves from the practice.

“Unfortunately over the past few weeks the Savanna brand has been tagged and associated with irresponsible and damaging consumer-generated social media activity,” said Savanna’s marketing manager Eugene Lenford.

“We encourage drinking in a way that is acceptable and that people continue to tag us when they post pictures of themselves having fun. We don’t encourage you to drink too much and behave in a way that will endanger you. ”

Savanna had paused all branded promotions across all channels and would continue to monitor social media activity and maintain its efforts to drive responsible messaging and behaviour.

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