This is how realistic The Lion King Animals are

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If you have been following the new “The Lion King”, you would have heard people talking about how realistic the animals are.

We’ve decided to compare for you pictures of the characters in The Lion King and those animals in real life.

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Young Simba VS a real lion cub

Simba VS a real Lion

Mufasa VS a real lion

Young Nala VS a real lion cub

Nala VS a real lioness

Scar VS a real lion

Sarabi VS a real lioness

Rafiki VS a real Mandrill

Zazu VS a real Hornbill

Timon VS a real meerkat

Pumbaa VS a real warthog

If you did not know which is which, would you have known which one is from the movie and which one is real?

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Mzwakhe Ndlovu

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